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"Learn the rules like a pro,
so you can breake them like an artist"
P. Picasso
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I'm a French girl born in Spain (Madrid). I was raised between France, Spain & Italy.

I have a degree in Information & Comunication completed between France (Toulouse) and Italy (Macerata). I graduated in a Master of digital post production in Madrid. 


Video means to me a majestic art. 

It pushes you to grow up, to stop and think, to break the rules, to try constantly to do it better than yesterday.. it’s an eternal learning, about the world around us, and also and mainly..about ourselves. It involves a lot of introspection and you are permanently surpassing yourself. 

We must enjoy the infinity of posibilities that everydays life has to offer us and think that we can always do it better. We’ll never stop learning having new directions to explore and new challenges to face.


Photography is the magic immortalization of our hurried friend : TIME.

The uniqueness of the photographed moment is what makes it wonderfull and inimitable. A moment that will never come again. These particular moments which  seconds later become a memory.. for ever.


Start to see the world as a cinematographer it’s an amazing experience.. It teaches us to look rather than to see.. to feel, experiment and observe life otherwise. Take time to appreciate every single detail around us : light, shapes, shadows, lines, colors,  textures..


Life is a treasure, full of mysteries and beauties... however, we must know how to see it.

This is where the most precious gift of the human being comes in... his eyes. Eyes that photograph with a pure heart : seeing the beauty every day..and in everything, by capturing the simplicity, the power and essence of life..truly living and enjoying the present moment.


My personal advice to all of you : smile with your heart.. photograph with your soul !

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